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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December's Tip of the Month & Season's Greetings

As the days get shorter and the weather turns colder, sometimes it gets tough to find the time to get outside and play.  This month I encourage everyone to take a break every now and then from the hum drum buzz of everyday life and make the time to step into the outdoors.  Keep a day pack in your car or by the front door, with all your essentials packed in it, so you can hit the trail the moment the opportunity arises.  Take your kids for a walk on the beach and chase the sea gulls, hike to the summit of your favorite local ridge and watch the sunset, paddle your favorite stretch of river and absorb the fall colors.    Do whatever you like, but take the time to do it.  I believe the outdoors are good for the soul and help us all recharge our batteries, but when times get busy and stressful it is easy to forget to make the time to get outside and rekindle the connection.  So I encourage all my readers to take a moment and step outside.  I promise, it will be worth while. 

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Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tip of the momth: How to sleep warmer on cold nights in the back country

With the first cool snap of the year upon us here in the Southeast, it seems like a good time to share one of my favorite strategies for staying warm on cold nights in the back country.  I tend to sleep cool so staying warm overnight is a constant struggle.  One of the strategies I use to sleep warmer in cool weather is to eat a nice warm high calorie treat just before bed.  I am particularly partial to sweet snacks that are high in fat.  A couple of my personal favorites are slightly warmed Seven Layer Bars or a mug full of hot Jell-O (Get the good stuff, not the sugar -free, and make sure you drink it before it cools down and solidifies).  The extra calories will ramp up your metabolism and turn your body into a blast furnace when you crawl into your bag for the night. You will sleep warmer and the warm sugary snack will brighten your mood even on the coldest night.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Aduro SL pack

As some of you know, I have been working on a new ultralight low volume pack design for ultralight hiking, bike packing, day hiking, etc. For this design weight and volume were two of the biggest considerations but, like all my other products, I wanted this new design to be an efficient blend of light weight, durability, features, and comfort. 

The design criteria:

  • Volume: 2000 - 2500 cubic inches 
  • Weight: as close to 1 lb as possible
  • Carry a bear canister comfortably 
  • Compatible w/ Klymit Air Beam Inflatable frame sheet
  • 3 external pockets
  • More streamlined cleaner look 

Introducing the Aduro SL!

The total pack weight, size S/M, is 18.5 oz / 522 g or 22.1 oz / 627 g w/ a Klymit AirBeam pack frame sheet. The volume breakdown is (cu in / L):
  • Main Compartment: 2016 / 33
  • Front pocket: 270 / 4.4
  • Bottle pockets (each): 135 / 2.2
  • Total: 2556 / 41.8
I have provided excellent durability where you need it through the use of 210d Dyneema X fabric and lighter weight materials where you don't to ensure a competitive weight  without compromising durability and performance.  Some of the features for the Aduro SL are:
  • Available in 2 torso sizes S/M or M/L
  • ergonomic padded shoulder straps
  • load lifters
  • wing style hip belt
  • wicking back pad for better comfort
  • Compatible w/ Klymit AirBeam Frame sheet
  • Compatible w/ our modular accessory system
  • water resistant zippers
  • large baffled front pocket
  • Dyneema X bottle pockets with corner drains
  • excellent compression system
  • single tool loop
  • Front compression lattice for stashing items and compressing the front pocket (made of rigid cord w/ cord lock)
I am still crunching the numbers to determine the price for the Aduro SL, but should know soon and will post it ASAP.  Production schedule for the Aduro SL will be in time for Christmas.  Contact customer service for specific details.  

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Happy hiking!
Elemental Horizons Aduro SL Pack
Elemental Horizons Aduro SL Pack
Front baffle pocket
Elemental Horizons Aduro SL Pack

Elemental Horizons Aduro SL hydration port
Hydration port
Elemental Horizons Aduro SL interior view
Elemental Horizons Aduro SL bottle pocket
Tall style 1L bottle
Elemental Horizons Aduro SL bottle pocket
1L Gatorade bottle

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ultralight tip of the month

Loose packing soft bulky items like clothing and sleeping bags is a great way to shave weight from your pack and make better use of pack volume.  When items like clothing or sleeping bags are packed inside a stuff sack they become tightly packed rigid objects.  When you then pack all these rigid items inside your pack you get voids in between.  This wastes space in your pack and adds weight.  I once took a whole pound of stuff sacks out of a customers pack.  Next time you pack your pack try stuffing your sleeping bag loose into the bottom of the pack.  Squish it down as tight as you can and then pack your other heavier items like food and cook gear on top.  Use your clothes to fill the space around the heavier items.  You will find that yoou end up with more useable space inside your pack and that your pack is lighter.  Win, Win!

Monday, October 1, 2012

October Special!

Today we announced a killer pack special for the month of October. Get a free custom color or 50% off Dyneema X upgrade on any new pack purchase. Choose from a variety of colors and get a great pack at an even better price! Discount is reflected on the custom color product pages and standard custom lead times apply.  To get more great specials, ultralight tips, and product news from us join our newsletter here.

Happy Fall hiking season!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Introducing the Kalais pack!

After some deliberation, I have settled on a name for the new UL version of the hugely popular Aquilo pack shown in the article below.  The new pack will be called the Kalais, pronounced ka-lay (english) or kuh-lay-is (latin).  In Greek mythology Kalais is one of the sons of Boreas the god of the North wind, also called Aquilo.  It seemed fitting that this new pack, being a spin off of the Aquilo, be named for one of Aquilo's sons.  Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions and provided feedback on this new pack.
The Kalais is now in limited production with a 3-4 week wait and will be widely available in Spring 2012.  Please contact customer service for inquiries or to place an order. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zen and the art of backpack design

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a new ultralight pack design.  My goals for this pack were for it to be in the 2600 - 3000 cubic inch volume range, with a weight of 1.5 lbs or less, and that it incorporate the same award winning suspension as the Aquilo pack.  After a few rounds of prototyping this is how the final design turned out:

 The pack shown is a Medium frame size which weighs 24.7 oz and has a total volume, including all pockets, of 2800 cubic inches.  This pack incorporates some new features such as hydration ports and an optional hydration sleeve which can be mounted internally or on either side of the pack (the gray pouch attached to the side of the pack shown in the front and harness views above.)  This new design is constructed primarily of 210d Dyneema X Grid stop fabric and 70d Rip-stop nylon.  The front and side pockets are constructed of a light weight yet durable mesh fabric and all the body contact areas use a wicking spacer mesh fabric for optimal comfort and durability. 

Like the Aquilo, this pack will accept our lightweight aluminum "V" Stay and closed cell foam sit pad (optional) for enhanced comfort when hauling a load.  Because this pack is specifically designed for the UL market we have paired down the sit pad from 1/4" thick (Aquilo) to 1/8" thick, but other than that minor change and the previously mentioned material differences the suspension system is identical.  This pack features a roll top closure and has 3 external pockets, 1 front pocket and 2 side pockets, plus the main compartment.  The volume breakdown for the Medium frame size is:
  • Main compartment - 2020 cubic inches
  • Extension collar - 270
  • Front pocket - 210
  • Side pockets - 300 (pair)

Hydration Sleeve

This  prototype accessory is light weight, functional, and feature filled.  It is made of 1.1 oz sil-nylon and weighs a scant 0.8 oz.  The sleeve has a built in accessory pocket and can also be worn as a UL day pack with the removable shoulder straps.  The hydration sleeve will fit platypus type bladders up to 3 liters.

Both the the new pack design and hydration sleeve are on the trail now being tested and put through their paces and should be in full scale production for the Spring 2012 product line.  Until then we will be offering them in limited quantities to interested customers.  If you are interested in more information or pricing please contact customer service.

Please let me know your thoughts on these new designs and thanks for visiting the blog.

See you on the trail!